The 103 or the 356?

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    The 103 or the 356?

    Anyone have thoughts on differences between the the Sinn 103 St Ty Acrylic and the Sin 356 Acrylic on Strap?

    -Both same price and look similar. Watchbuys does not list much of a differentiation. They also do not list the movement in either watch. Does anyone know this also?

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    Re: The 103 or the 356?

    Well, compared to the 356, the 103 has a polished finish, has bigger case size, different case shape, has a tachymeter ring. I'm pretty sure the movements are exactly the same. I would call Watchbuys up and ask to be certain.

    I personally have and prefer the 356 because it is smaller (I have 6.5" wrists) and the bead-blasted finish is less flashy (less bling). IMO, the 103's tachymeter ring is of no use to me and is a distraction. The 356 has a more subdued vintage look which I like.

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    Picture Re: The 103 or the 356?

    I prefer the 103 st above the 356, because to me the 356 is to small allthough i like the looks, mine has no tachymeter but i never use a tachymeter.
    The bezel therefore is very usefull.
    But in the end the one you like best is the one you should buy, i was lucky to see them both at the juweler in Aachen (germany) so i could compare them.
    My choice was the one you see on the pic below.

    O, and the 103 st isn't blingy (that's of course also my opinion).

    Greetings, [email protected]

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    Re: The 103 or the 356?

    The main difference is the size and shape of the case. the dial and hands are the same. 103 has a larger and thicker case. If you have small wrists, you may find 356 more comfortable.

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    Re: The 103 or the 356?

    Thanks all. Yeah picked up on the case size right after I posted, but the other points made sense. Like the diver style version w/ pics here too...

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    Re: The 103 or the 356?

    I have had both watches at one time or another. I sold the 356 because the size bugged me. I also sold the 156 acrylic because I'm a typical WIS. I prefered the 156 mainly because of it's size and I found the bezel to be useful. However, the bezel on mine was the friction type. I believe the newer models offer a ratcheting bezel which should stay in place if accidentally bumped.

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    Re: The 103 or the 356?

    Some one say 103...?

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