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    203 and 103 bezels question

    Dear Mates,

    I need your help:
    I have a pre-owned Sinn 203 / Arktis with the 60 ratchet counter-clockwise divers bezel, with which I have two problems:

    1. The bezel is way too "loose", that is, in every position there is an easy move back (clockwise), so it is very hard to line the bezel markings exactly to the dial hour and minute markings, without looking at the watch impossible. My watchmaker says that it depends on the construction, so no replace of the bezel and/or the bezel spring could solve the problem. How are you 203/Arktis owners with this, does your watch bezel have this easy move within each ratchet position, or they are "exact"?
    2. As a man never to dive I way prefer to have the same steel divers bezel working bidirectionally. Any serious opinion about the chance that if the bezel spring of my 203/Arktis can be replaced by the recent version of the 103 St Sa 60-ratchet bidirectional bezel, or does the 103 St Sa bezel ratchet mechanism work differently? Any significance here of the side screws of the 103 St Sa bezel, that the 203 bezel does not have?

    Thanks a lot for any kind input! Please do not advice to ask Sinn/Frankfurt as this would be changing the function of a divers bezel.

    Best regards,

    PS: Any photos about (ratcheting) 103 St Sa bezel parts and watch case would also be nice if some have such scans...

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    Re: 203 and 103 bezels question

    remove the bezel and snap some photos...

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