556i, Got it today!
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Thread: 556i, Got it today!

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    556i, Got it today!

    Got it today, I had reservations that the 38.5 case was going to ride a little small on my 8" wrist, and maybe the bracelet wouldn't fit.

    Well it doesn't look small, and the bracelet had to be micro-adjusted out as far as it could go, but it fits just fine, not too tight, not too loose. If you have wrist bigger then 8" may I suggest you order an extra link with your order.

    The watch definitely looks 100% better in person then it does on the photos, the brushed finish on the case and the bracelet isn't flat looking like you see in the photos, it looks very similar to the brushed finishing I had on my Tag Link Chrono.

    The dial and the markers do not look flat and just painted on like the photos suggest, the dial has some kind of lacquering on it and is very expensive looking. The fit and finish is excellent and completely blows away the Seiko Sarb 033 I used to have.

    The biggest surprise I had with this watch was the fact that the bracelet has a divers extension on it, never heard that mentioned before.

    Here are a couple of preliminary photos I took less then an hour ago, will report back with the accuracy of the first 24 hrs.

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    Re: 556i, Got it today!

    Nice Catch !

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    Re: 556i, Got it today!

    Congratulations! I completely agree they look so much better in person. Weird but true -- usually it's the other way around!

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    Re: 556i, Got it today!

    Enjoy. The 556, in either version, is a terrific watch!
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    Re: 556i, Got it today!

    congrats! 556i was great the first time I had one. Hope to have a 556A tomorrow :)
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