Any cause for concern? Sinn U1 with SW200-1 movement questions.

Thread: Any cause for concern? Sinn U1 with SW200-1 movement questions.

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    Any cause for concern? Sinn U1 with SW200-1 movement questions.

    So, it is that time of the month again when you have to unscrew your crown to change the date from 30 November to 1 December.

    I changed the date yesterday at about 1pm afternoon. Everything is great. However I did notice some minor stuff.

    During yesterday, I unscrewed the crown a few times (about 5 - 6 times) just to have the feel of how to screw the crown in. I've had a few Seiko Divers Automatic (Black Monster, SKX007J, BFK Kinetic etc) in the past and each Seiko have a unique "technic / feel" of screwing the crown in. I don't normally unscrew the crown often and I only do it when there is a need to change the date during month end. So I took this opportunity to unscrew the crown a few times and have a feel of the Sinn U1 screwing in "technic / feel". I did a few manual winding attempts as well.

    After doing the date change and the above process, I've noticed two minor differences listed below.

    1) I don't normally notice what time does the date change at night. Before yesterday, the last time I noticed the date change occurred at about 12:10am. Yesterday the date changed at 12.20am. Is this normal?

    2) When I shake my watch, (I do that because I like listening to the sound the oscillating rotor weight makes), I noticed the watch has a faint "clicking" sound after every few shakes. The faint "clicking" sound can be described as a similar sound when you unscrew the crown and while turning the crown anticlockwise. (Yes I put my watch near my ear when unscrewing the crown.)

    This sound does not happen when I shake my U1 in the past few weeks since I've bought the U1. Is this normal?
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