Any regrets buying a U1?
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Thread: Any regrets buying a U1?

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    Any regrets buying a U1?

    I’m really close to buying a fully tegimented U1. I recently tried on a non-tegimented bracelet U1 and really liked it. Although it’s a large watch and by no means light, it felt really comfortable for the few minutes I tried it in.

    This would be a large purchase for me and by far my most expensive watch.

    Is there anything I should be aware of. Has anyone bought an all steel U1 and regretted it down the line for any reason?

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    Re: Any regrets buying a U1?

    Having owned a few of them I can say what you see is what you get. Since you tried one on you should know the weight and bezel action, you shouldn’t be surprised with anything except maybe one thing...

    The only thing to be warned about that you might not know is that the lume isn’t the greatest. If you don’t mind lume that’s worse than a $200 Seiko then it’s a great watch.

    Also, for what it’s worth Sinn does an awesome job with the ETA movements in my experience. The U1’s I have owned have all been very accurate.
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    Re: Any regrets buying a U1?

    No regrets regarding my U1-t, and very happy that I spent the extra money for the tegimented version. Color is awesome - and surprisingly, that's what people comment on. Biginboca's assessment is spot on. I like the weight, and miss that when wearing other watches.
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    Re: Any regrets buying a U1?

    I have heard that the lume on the U1 isn't very bright (or strong, if that's the right word) for a specific reason. It was designed to be used in low light conditions and to remain effective for a long time.

    The reasoning behind this is apparently that is was designed for SpecOps guys and they don't need (or want) very bright lume. When they work at night their eyes are accustomed to the dark and the dial is easy to read even with weak lume.
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    Re: Any regrets buying a U1?

    I will warn you that although it's tempting to think that the fully T versions will stay 100% or nearly 100% clean over time, I have seen very substantial wear appear on some examples of fully T bracelets that have been worn extensively. Just something to know.

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    Re: Any regrets buying a U1?

    The U1 is solid but must warn you it wore big for me. I have 7.25” wrists. I ended up selling mine.

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    Re: Any regrets buying a U1?

    Not a single solitary one. I have mine on a strap and would really prefer the bracelet truth be told but that’s nit picking. Besides you’re already going down the bracelet route.

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    Re: Any regrets buying a U1?

    Zero regrets.

    My experience with tegimented Sinn’s has been great scratches/swirlies.

    My U1 Professional is over 18 months old and still looks new


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    Re: Any regrets buying a U1?

    I own a U1 before and no regret for the purchase. It was a very solid watch, feel and built like a tank.
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    Re: Any regrets buying a U1?

    Had an SDR for 5 or 6 years, and sold it. Missed having a U1 in the stable for about two years, and then bought the most perfect U1 of all (the U1 Professional). it's going nowhere. Not a particularly versatile watch, but a really good one.
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