I've been having my eyes on the U2 for some time, but then again - I do have a few divers by now, and even though the mother of all tool watches, tegimented and all, would be nice to have...

...I kind of feel that a dressier watch would be a better idea. The Finanzuhren are near the top of my list; the 6000 is easily the second most beautiful chronograph watch I've ever seen (Top position is taken by the Speedmaster Professional), the 6060 has an incredibly uncluttered dial for a watch showing three time zones (One more than I need... :), but the real killer is the 6066 - imagine an alarm-fitted mechanical wristwatch!

Anyway - I'd really like to hear from owners of the three models mentioned in the subject line - while the pictures I've seen on the web looks great and Sinns tend to look even better in real life than in photos, there's really no substitute for talking to people who know the timepieces in question well.

Thank you.