Anyone own or have an opinion on the U200?
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Thread: Anyone own or have an opinion on the U200?

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    Anyone own or have an opinion on the U200?

    Hi all,

    Been doing some searching for U200 wrist pics and find that there isn't much out there. This could be indicative of the popularity of this watch. Does anyone have any fresh wrist shots (particularly on smaller wrists)? Any former or current owners have any opinions on how the watch wears? I have a small wrist (6.5") but am concerned that this one might be too small.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Anyone own or have an opinion on the U200?

    I actually have one for sale on the forum right now. It's the blue matte dial, which is much nicer (IMO) than the black dial. Not sure if I am able to post a link to my own sales post so I'll PM it to you instead.

    I have an 8 inch wrist and find that the watch wears too small on my wrist so need to get rid of it. Unfortunate because I really dig the solid nature of the watch and that matte blue dial is fantastic, and quite different on a Sinn. The watch was made for a smaller wrist than mine. For your wrist, I imagine it would be more well suited.

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    Re: Anyone own or have an opinion on the U200?

    Mine has the black dial and it wears well on my 6.5" wrist. It's probably as small as I would go given that it's 37mm and the dial is a bit smaller than that. For me, an ideal size with bezel would be about 39-40mm. It looks to be durable as hell and the brushed finished looks great and rugged. For somebody who enjoys the outdoors, it's a watch that you could wear doing just about anything. - Exploring ruins & relics of the Cold War

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    Re: Anyone own or have an opinion on the U200?

    I have a similar wrist size too and was really torn between the U200 and the U1. I went with the U1 and am glad I did. The short, curved lugs means it fits perfectly.

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    Re: Anyone own or have an opinion on the U200?

    My wife has one, the version with the white dial. She wears it often.

    If you ask me it's really more suited to a lady, given the size.
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