Best. Most iconic Sinn?
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Thread: Best. Most iconic Sinn?

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    Best. Most iconic Sinn?

    Am really wanting to get a Sinn. What do you consider best??

    I saw the 556 but thought a little plain. 103/104 or 756/757 are now in my sights.


    Thx a lot.


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    Re: Best. Most iconic Sinn?

    There is no 'best' Sinn. It depends what you want, something with a nice classic feel like a 556, something more stylised and toolish like a U1, or more technical and sporty looking like a 103. All that matters is whichever one *you* personally find most appealing visually, which one speaks to you most and that's something only you can decide.

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    Re: Best. Most iconic Sinn?

    I think the U1 is memorable with tegimented submarine steel and those unique hands and indices, but any Sinn is a robust and respected tool watch.
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    Re: Best. Most iconic Sinn?

    I got a 104 last year when they first came out. Still love the watch and have no regrets. Before that I briefly owned a 556A, but never bonded with it. Having recently seen the iconic 103 (with acrylic crystal and solid back) at a couple Watchbuys shows, if I were starting fresh and wanted just one Sinn, I think I might very well get that one. A bit more money than the 104, but still under 2k. Either that 103 or the smaller 356, again with acrylic crystal and solid back (could do without the word "flieger" though).
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    Re: Best. Most iconic Sinn?

    Sinn has many iconic watches in its portfolio. It really depends on that you want and how much $$$ you want to spend. For example 556, 756, 856, 103, U1 are all iconic in their own right. If you have the money and patience, tracking down a 156, Bell&Ross 144, Sinn/Heuer or EZM1 will bring you instant cred with the Sinn diehard fan.
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    Re: Best. Most iconic Sinn?

    I think the ezm1 is the most iconic model. To me that watch exemplifies the brand best.
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    Re: Best. Most iconic Sinn?

    I say the U1 or 556 are the most instantly recognizable and thus encapsulate the image that is Sinn... Grab anything from the U series and you will be happy.

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    Re: Best. Most iconic Sinn?

    for me is the 757 S UTC.... maybe because that's how i was "introduced" to the brand...

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    Re: Best. Most iconic Sinn?

    I'll put in another vote for the EZM1. The EZM2, U1, U1000, 556, and 103 all close behind. The EZM1 with its simple utilitarian elegance, Ti case (shared with the 103), and robust movement is still the Sinn for me. Not to say that there aren't lots of other perfectly valid options.

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    Re: Best. Most iconic Sinn?

    For me, the iconic Sinn is the U1. I have a U1 T and a U1 SDR. Sadly I sold my U1 W. Day-in, day-out, those 2 Sinn watches are my favorites in the line. I have had other Sinn watches which I liked and enjoyed, but I keep coming back to the U1. Cheers, Bill P.

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