Best way to polish OEM 903 ST bracelet?

Thread: Best way to polish OEM 903 ST bracelet?

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    Best way to polish OEM 903 ST bracelet?

    Trying to see if there's a cost effective way to polish up desk diver marks/swirl from my 903 ST Aut's bracelet? Anyone with experience?

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    Re: Best way to polish OEM 903 ST bracelet?

    I recently acquired a used 5 year old Sinn 757 Diapal with a bracelet. I assume the bracelet is the same as yours since I am not familiar with your model. I am a knifemaker and have various machines at my disposal. My watch had marks on the bezel and also the metal bracelet from its previous owners. I use 2 X 72 belts for most of my sanding on a Wilton Square Wheel Grinder. I also buy and use Scotchbrite 2 X 72 belts for satin finishing. I thought since my braclet was Tegmented it may be a challange. Nope, no issues at all removing the marks on the bracelet. I first used a medium Scothbrite belt and then went to a fine Scothbrite belt. Bracelet looks like brand new now and didnt take more than 5 minutes to do.

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