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    The Black Sea vs U1

    Hello everybody,
    Yesterday I’ve got back from a summer school that took place at a resort near the Black Sea and I took with me my U1. Besides the presentations I’ve managed to swim a little in the sea. After I’ve arrived home I’ve noticed that the bezel I a bit loose and moves up and down and that the watch looses around +20 seconds a day from +3 ( before the summer school). I’ve took an ice cube an put it on the crystal of the watch-the result you can see in the pics- it seems that water got into the watch.
    I’ve bought this watch 2 month ago and I was verry pleased with it, verry robust and well build, but it seems that a swim it was too much to handle. The watch didn't suffer any bumps and it was washed with warm water after the swim.

    I’m verry disappointed and I’m going to ask the dealer to repair it or even change it.
    I thought that U1 is a one kind of a divers watch but he couldn’t handle a little swim.
    What should I do?

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    Re: The Black Sea vs U1

    send it back. there is obviously a defect in the seals somewhere. sinn can pressure test it and determine what seal and fix it.
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