Classic 7750 day-date to drive Sinn 140A

Thread: Classic 7750 day-date to drive Sinn 140A

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    Classic 7750 day-date to drive Sinn 140A

    I'd be very happy if Sinn would produce the new 140A (brushed/polished case for me!) with the "normal" ETA-Valjoux 7750 inside! According to my knowledge Sinn is short of the SZ01 and thus could sell more watches of this classic 142 design.

    For me it would be good, because:
    1. the watch could be way less expensive
    2. would have the important weekday feature
    3. maybe with a small re-design the case could be thinner (again according to my informations the SZ01 is thicker than the street version) but the very same case with the very same height is fine too, if the "red pencil" wouldn't let the thinner case be produced.

    To have this classic design without a central minute counter could be a sacrilegium, but it is not, because:
    1. back in the seventies Lemania produced similar cases with the HW Lemania movement with tricompax subdials, e. g. Longines
    2. Sinn produced watches with the classic LWO5100-driven 156 design 7750-watches too (both the 256 and the 155 Manufactum)


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    Re: Classic 7750 day-date to drive Sinn 140A

    For me, the 140a would lose a lot of its appeal if it had a bog standard V7750, instead of the SZ01 modification. It'd be just another steel V7750 chronograph, of which there are many many. I agree that the 140a is too expensive, but I don't think just slapping a V7750 in there is the right solution.
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    Re: Classic 7750 day-date to drive Sinn 140A

    Everything is in your post. The question and the answer.
    The element that you mentionned for this caliber exchange not to be an heresy may seem relevant but:
    - the 142 is an iconic Sinn, just released in a new version with the SZ01.
    - the manufactum 155 or the 256 never had the same success than their 5100 based elder, they were here to try to make people forget that the 5100 original model was not available. Sinn is not going to risk that with the 142.
    - Even a modular caliber in the 142 was considered as high treason by many, mentionning a classic 7750 chronograph layout seems quite impossible to me.
    - the gain in term of thickness would not be spectacular (1 or 2mm?)

    I understand that you like the case of that watch, i love it too. I'm quite convinced you could go for a vintage 142 as I did (you would have the week day), and evoying it.

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