So I recently picked up a 556a. The bracelet is flawless, the case has one ding but is in overall great condition, runs very strong according to ChronoScope, but has an issue with the dial. My guess is that at some point in time when the hands were removed, the matte finish on the dial was scratched and whoever scratched it tried to make it better by smoothing out the scratch. Unfortunately by doing that they took off the matt finish near where the hands meet. I have not reached out to Sinn to see if they dial replacement is possible and if it is whether or not it's worth it. But with all that said, I'm also considering some custom artwork for the dial. Does anyone have any thoughts on that? I know that Sinns have a very dedicated following which partially stems from the classic clean look of the dial. However, in this case that dial is simply not in its original condition so I'm just looking at what my options might be.