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    New to watches in a way. Seeking a good chrono that is tough. Between work, hiking, travel & climbing need a good watch w/ style.
    Initially attracted to kobold but $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Have an omega seamaster pro but it doesn't keep good time, w/o $200 tuneup thru swatch every 2 years.High maintenence?:-S
    Came across Sinn and am impressed w/ technology.
    My question is what is the difference between the 103 StSaAr utc and the arktis except for the oil. Do both have the Cu++sulfate(?) absorbant.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.:thanks

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    Re: differences

    Arktis vs 103 UTC StSaAr
    Arktis has d-capsule, special oil 66-228, argon. It doesn't have GMT.
    103 UTC StSaAr has GMT, argon. It doesn't have capsule (I think). Only 103 UTC Ti Ar has the d-capsule as well.
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    Re: differences

    Hi Jimmer, Welcome to the forum!! Here's the skinny on both watches (differences marked in blue)

    Sinn 103 St Sa Ar UTC

    Stainless case
    Slightly domed Sapphire crystal front and sapphire crystal display back
    Argon and copper/sulphate capsule stay dry tech.
    bi-directional countdown friction bezel
    screw down pushers
    UTC function
    Valjoux 7750 movement
    200m w/r
    41mm diameter 17mm height
    black faced dial

    Sinn 203 Arktis

    Stainless case
    Slightly domed Sapphire crystal
    no display back
    Argon and copper/sulphate capsule stay dry tech.
    diver's rotating bezel. (not sure if it's bi-direcitonal friction or ratcheting)
    screw down pushers
    NO UTC function
    Valjoux 7750 movement
    300m water resist
    41mm diameter 16mm height
    beautiful shimmering blue steel color fast dial

    The arktis is marketed as having the special Sinn oil that allows the watch to operate between -45 and 80 c and the 103 isn't but apparently all Sinn watches have this special oil. Only certain watches are advertised as having it.

    Hope this is helpful


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