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    EZM3 Bezel Question

    Does anyone know if current EZM3 can be had with a titanium based silver-coloured bezel in lieu of the standard black, as was an option with the now superceeded EZM2 quartz hydro?

    What are peoples thoughts on EZM3 vs 856 (non-dual time zone model)? Note 856 has a tegimented case over EZM3, but 856 lacks the extreme operating temperatures offered by the EZM3. Which one would you go for and why?
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    Re: EZM3 Bezel Question

    As far as I know, there are no other bezel options on the EZM3. I have been looking very hard and doing a lot of research over a similar choice between the 856 UTC and the EZM3. I have no use for the UTC function but without it the face of the 856 seems a little plain (IMHO). The UTC seems to be implemented in a pretty ubonstructive way so that it won't stop you from reading the time quickly. One other possible advantage the UTC has over the non-UTC version is that the UTC version comes with an ETA movement versus a Sellita movement in the non-UTC (I'm not making any quality statement here but some prefer ETA).

    I personally like the looks of the bezel of the EZM3 but I wish it were captive like some of the other Sinns. For me it comes down to having the bezel and the lower temperature rating versus having the tegimented metal. If the 856 had a bezel or the EZM3 were tegimented my search would be over I think.

    Good luck!

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    Re: EZM3 Bezel Question

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    EZM3 bezel is great - tight and precise. Looks great, wears comfortably too!
    Can't go wrong with either, btw.

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