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    Off Topic post Fieldtrip Report - Dubai Visit

    Back from a 2 week trip to Dubai (UAE), I must note Dubai is a perfect example of “The Truman Show” – city that is too perfectly landscaped and every plant irrigated, every car clean, and every street or road well made. The houses look exactly the same from one to the next and the cul-de-sacs that are too perfect.

    Prices are sky high. Everything sells at retail value and almost everything you see in the West is available there. The exodus of hopping tourists bring in the lofty Durham (AED/US$ = 3.7) and remainder buoyancy is from locals and ex-pats earning high salaries – and that too tax free!! Not much oil money directly attributable to this city – but the Sheik has done well for the locals. Locals (or as they are called – the ‘original emirates’ earn more than ex-pats doing exact jobs – and by law you need to hire locals at a fixed ratio to your total employee base in Dubai. So in a nutshell – Life is Good and everything is available in plenty….

    Well everything……except Sinn!! I could not find a Sinn dealer – not that I was really looking. All said and done – it makes sense – in a largely flashy city with people yearning for upping the Joneses, Sinn has no place. Its quite a contradictory purchase in such an environment I would think – “Bob, I got a $5,000 Omega. Great! What did you get for $5,000 again – something called Sinn – what is that?”

    Well, I had packed my Sinn EZM3 for the trip. I took the EZM3 along largely because it was what I had running on my wrist then and had a Nato strap on – perfect strap for warm 75 F weather. And did the EZM3 see some sights.

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    I went to Dubai Mall – an amazing mall with every luxury brand on the planet (well kind of) represented. Quite pleasantly, sections of the mall are designated by the kind of wares being sold – so you would find fashion alley to contain all clothing retailers and so on and so forth. Watches were all in the same place – so you did not have to walk half a mile between 4 stores. As we sat down for a cup of coffee after being all "watched-out" I took these pictures of watches we had in the group... (note the Sinn shows US time in the pictures while other 2 watches show UAE/Dubai local time).

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    Although I was tempted to whip out my iphone to take pictures of watches I held and saw – I overcame that urge somehow. Some of the Berguets and GPs were breathtaking. One specific model of GP that really got my attention – alas the price tag on that was equally breathtaking. That night I posted a request for good substitutions for this watch and got some interesting suggestions – see here ( Would welcome additional thoughts or suggestions, if you have them…

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    Re: Fieldtrip Report - Dubai Visit

    A couple more pics...

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