As some of you know that I purchase my U2 2 weeks ago from the AD in Singapore. The U2 freezes on me the day after the purchase, the AD decided to replace it with a new U2, unfortunately there are no stocks of the U2 available. They requested that I wait until new stocks come in which will be 1 or 2 months later. They call me this afternoon to collect my new U2, the AD told me that they especially requested Sinn to replace my U2 in exchange to the brand new U2 that freezes. They only got one U2, they don't have any other stocks for the U2 or U1 and the AD still don't have any dates when the new stocks will come in. The U2 seems to functioning OK so far, the AD actually had it last week and test it over the weekend. Can't wait to get it home to change the strap..:-D