Guess what? First time Sinner...

Thread: Guess what? First time Sinner...

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    Guess what? First time Sinner...

    U guys wanna guess what is this model??

    Just to back track a few years back when I first gotten interested in watches, Sinn was definitely one of the first choices I had. Decided on a 103 but ended up buying a Omega Bond SMP. I've seen moved on to other nicer watches but have always been a fan of Sinn.

    Another shot...

    Yes, it's the U1 tempus!!! Love this watch. Infact, this is the first time I am wearing it after collecting it abt a month ago.

    This should compliment my Panerais and other watches very well. Wearing this today as I head to Macau for my co. trip.

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    Re: Guess what? First time Sinner...

    I would not have been able to wait a month.

    May you wear the U1 in good health.
    kind regards,


    vintage and obscure watch lover

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