H-Link be Fine Link for Sinn 104
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Thread: H-Link be Fine Link for Sinn 104

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    H-Link be Fine Link for Sinn 104

    So I have never worn a watch in a bracelet before and I am considering getting my first one. One of the reasons I never got a bracelet before is that I like to wear my watches snug and I feel bracelets will never give a nice fit.

    I have been reading up on both bracelets and it seems H-link has some micro adjustments available while the fine link does not. I have also read that fine link actually allows for a better fit because it has half links available.

    I would like to hear your thoughts as to which one provides a better fit.

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    Re: H-Link be Fine Link for Sinn 104

    I recently had an interesting conversion to my approach with the H-link. I normally like my bracelets a bit loose, but I recently put the H-link back on my 103 after a month or so of wearing straps. Having the watch flop around on my wrist suddenly felt odd after the snug fit of the straps, so I tightened the fit via the micro-adjustment on the clasp. To my delight, the snug fit feels fine. I can wear it all day without any discomfort.
    Normally, finer links mean more points of articulation, which means a better fit to the shape of your wrist. But the H-link seems to work for me.

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    Re: H-Link be Fine Link for Sinn 104

    I have a 556 which I purchased on a strap. Recently, I decided to put it on a bracelet, and decided to go with the fine link. I like it, but...I wish it had finer adjustment. When I put it on out of the shower, it is really tight, but loosens up after a little bit of time, but I wish it was a tad looser. I swapped out the half-link for a full link but that makes it too loose, so I swapped it back. Maybe it will fit better in the winter. My other watch is a Rolex Submariner with the newer Glidelock bracelet with micro adjustments, and while the Sinn bracelet is nice, the Rolex oyster bracelet is super comfortable.
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