Handwinding 103 St Sa - screwdown crown?

Thread: Handwinding 103 St Sa - screwdown crown?

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    Handwinding 103 St Sa - screwdown crown?

    A question to anyone owning the 103 St Sa with the handwinding version of the 7750 (I think it is 7760): is the crown still screwdown as on the 7750-based automatic version? I mean both older watches from the late nineties and younger ones that are limited editions. If I'm correct WR specification is the same at 200 meters.
    Thanks :)

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    Re: Handwinding 103 St Sa - screwdown crown?

    Hallo Robert,
    the ones after 1995 have of course the long winding srew down crown.
    Before the Valjoux 7760 Hd versions has a very clever " i called it quarter screw crown on it"
    means only little bit more than a quarter wind and the crown is waterproof on the case.
    Hope it helps

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