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    Help Needed!


    I have saved up a lot of money to buy the watch that I have coveted for over 20 years - the Omega Seamaster Professional. I thought that before pulling the trigger it would be sensible to look around to make sure that there aren't any other watches that are worthy of consideration.

    I happened to chance upon the Sinn UX and I am now torn between the two!

    I think the Sinn looks better and I particularly like the industrial design of the UX as well as the 10 o clock crown. However I love the "iconicness" of the SMP, the auto movement, and the fact that the Omega brand carries more weight (residuals?)

    Is there anything that anyone can contribute to help me decide? (I did hear a rumour about the Sinn battery being a pain to replace?)

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    Re: Help Needed!

    Sinn UX is a cool watch, very tool and functional with a high accuracy quartz movement and a depth rating u will never ever need to use.

    Very legible dial at all angles due to the fact it's oil filled. This same feature means the watch needs to go back to sinn for a battery change, no one else can do it as they will need to drain the oil and then replace it after the battery swap.

    I had one for several months, super cool watch, got lots of compliments due to it's stark dial and bouncing seconds hand.

    However, I if I had to choose, I would pick the SMP 300 over the UX. The SMP is more versatile, classy and would go with almost any thing u wear except for the most formal occasions. The COSC certified automatic movement isn't a slouch in the accuracy department either. High accuracy quartz for me is an overkill as I don't need my watches to be accurate to +/-20s per year? Unless it also had perpetual calender which would mean I can basically not adjust anything ever...

    Plus since you have been listing for the SMP300, best to get it first. Eitherway should u regret your purchase, flipping the Omega will still leave you with sufficient funds for the UX.
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    Re: Help Needed!

    If you've coveted a watch for 20 years, I think you already know your answer. Get it and wear it proud!

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    Re: Help Needed!

    I love Sinn and I've owned many, including a UX. However, in this situation you need to get the SMP!

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    Re: Help Needed!

    Not often does one get unbiased opinions on a dedicated forum.
    Only on Sinn can one get the go ahead to buy brand X over our own favorite… very cool.
    I will go against the stream here and suggest looking at other Sinn models because for the money, especially in the secondary market, you get a lot more watch with a Sinn… but then again…
    I'm biased.
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    Re: Help Needed!

    Also agree if the SMP is the watch you have wanted for 20 years it's the one to get... and this is a Sinn forum LOL
    If I'm not mistaken the UX is about half the cost of a SMP on the second hand market depending on whether you're buying your SMP new or used.
    They come up pretty often, if you're patient you can probably pick one up for a nice deal and have both! :D

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    Re: Help Needed!

    While both watches are divers, they are distinctly different. As mentioned, the UX is the ultimate tool watch, virtually indestructible, awesome legibility, built like a tank. Also, very unique in it's own right. The SMP is a classic diver, definitely more elegant, and probably more wearable for just about any occasion. The UX could fit that bill too, but not as well.

    As others have said, if you have coveted a "Grail" piece for so long, that is probably your best bet. To me though, the UX is distinct, the SMP, not as much. Lots of divers look similar. Only other Sinn divers share characteristics of the UX.

    Also, SMP's come up used quite a bit, for pretty reasonable money. The UX not as much. But, if you played your deals right you might be able to pull off both for the retail price of a new SMP... Thats the route I would take. Then you have two kick ass watches!
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