Kinda funny... gave me a chuckle, anyway

Thread: Kinda funny... gave me a chuckle, anyway

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    Kinda funny... gave me a chuckle, anyway

    My U2 arrived yesterday and I wore it to work for the first time today. Because of the combination of my girlie-size wrist (I had to cut the strap all the way down), the large clasp on the rubber strap and the fact that I wear my watch on the inside of the wrist, within an hour, TWO co-workers looked at my wrist and said "Wow! What kind of watch is that?" They were, of course, looking at the clasp and had assumed that the frosted steel covered the actual watch face or had some kind of hidden, high-tech display :-D They were both disappointed when I turned my wrist around and they saw that it was an "ordinary" watch. Maybe I should install the bracelet...
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    Re: Kinda funny... gave me a chuckle, anyway


    "girlie-size wrist"

    he, thats B-) cool, man!

    My wrist is only 6,5 inch (= 16,7 cm) but I have no prob, to wear the U2 comfortable. The construction was perferct for every wrist size.

    For illustration, here a photo from my wrist, I use at the moment the rubber strap. As you can see (pic quality was not so good) after cutting I have one hole at the 6 o'clock side, and 2 hole in the opposite (12 o'clock). The metal sticks are out.


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