My second Sinn for less then 5 bucks.

Thread: My second Sinn for less then 5 bucks.

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    My second Sinn for less then 5 bucks.

    This week my second Sinn arrived.
    Not a new one this time but an oldie with some history
    I bought it in a lot of quartz dive watches

    I found it on a local internet market. I asked the seller for some pics but he didn't made the best pictures. He mailed me that there were several divewatches with names like divesafe, citizen, beuchat, zodiac and Sinn and the watches came from the dutch navy.

    Zodiac and Sinn !!?? I was on alert. The seller had a price in his mind including shipping for the complete lot less than 5 bucks a piece. I was very intrested in the Sinn and Zodiac, but I didn't mind to take the others for this price.

    Because of his bad pics I decided to take the plunge..........:-S I also hoped for some navy engravings, but none of the watches has engravings other than original although the Sinn has an engraving "C-94102" in the middle of the back.

    Well, here is the Sinn:

    It is in need of a new battery, but the movement works and a new crystal. The bezel spring is missing but that is an easy fix. It will also get a few new gaskets. Also looking for a nice strap.

    I opened it immediatly to see if there was no water damage inside. It looks like new. It has an ETA quartz movement 955.122 I also checked the threads of the crown and that also works good.
    In my opinion it deserves to get a chance for a second life and so it will get an complete overhaul in the winter.

    Btw I have seen several versions of Sinn quartz divers. Does anybody here have some information about this one ? Especially the age of this watch, I think it is from 94, but I am not sure, so your information is welcome.

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    Re: My second Sinn for less then 5 bucks.

    5 bucks?!? Great find!

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    Re: My second Sinn for less then 5 bucks.

    Congrats!! That sure is a sweet deal.

    Does anyone know where I could get a vintage Sinn like this one?

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    Re: My second Sinn for less then 5 bucks.

    If I am not mistaken, that is a Sinn 810 diver. Don't see too many out & about nowadays.... Great score my friend!!!

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    Re: My second Sinn for less then 5 bucks.

    Great Find!
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