Need help identifying this model Sinn - Pics inside

Thread: Need help identifying this model Sinn - Pics inside

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    Need help identifying this model Sinn - Pics inside

    Hello all.. first poster here. I may have the opportunity to buy this Sinn watch but I need help identifying the specifics. I beleive it is a Sinn 103, but that is all I know. Sorry for the terrible pictures, was sent via text.

    Can you guys give me specifics on the model name?
    Date manufactured?

    What would be a good fair market value for this thing? It is brand new, with all the plastic wrap still on it with all booklets, warranty card, etc...

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    Re: Need help identifying this model Sinn - Pics inside

    Hello Raleigh29, yes it's a 103 - and more precisely a 103 Ti, as shown by the matte finish of the case and lack of non-screwdown pushers.
    If the final pictures of box'n'papers had not been cut short at the bottom, the name itself would show on the cover of the papers under the picture.
    Manufacture date is much harder to fathom, but it is also in the current line-up in this version - only the lume at 12' on the bezel is now a full triangle as opposed to the pip, but I guess the two versions have overlapped for a long time. This model has been in the portfolio for a long time now, so this watch could be anything from 10 years old to a few days old...

    I am afraid there's a policy for which we can't discuss prices here, so pls. shoot me a PM if you would.

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    Re: Need help identifying this model Sinn - Pics inside

    That's a Sinn 103 Ti Ar. There were several versions, as Fabrizio pointed out. Besides the current one with fully lumed triangle bezel insert, there was the lumed pip bezel insert (like the one you posted), and the one piece solid black bezel version. Since it is not the most current version I would ask for a pic of the Copper Sulfate capsule to ensure it is not dark blue (indication of bad seals).

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