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    Smile A New Curious Sinn(er)

    Well the temptation finally got too much for me and I convinced the wife of the need to Sinn. She is an angel and said I could Sinn. So today my "new" 103 SaSt came in and I am in heaven!! Funny that a Sinn could get you there!!

    Now seriously, a few questions for the wise and knowledgeable members here. I notice a variation of the 103 that is date only but otherwise has the same type of 7750 dial. Is the day function still there but just hidden by the dial? Were there any real differences between the 103 made by Sinn and those made by Sinn for Bell & Ross? And is there anyway I can figure out the "birthdate" of my Sinn? It is in the 11600 range if that helps date it.

    Finally, any warnings or suggestions for a newbie would be appreciated!!

    Thanks everyone.

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    Re: A New Curious Sinn(er)

    Hi Matt,

    Congratulations on the new Sinn watch.

    The Sinn 103 Klassic does not have a place for the day because
    of the sub-dial orientation. Some 103 models give up the day for
    an extra independent hour hand. There have been hand wind
    versions, but as far as I know there are no new ones.

    Sinn service can tell you when and in what country your Sinn
    watch was first sold.

    I think there were no functional differences for the Bell&Ross
    branded Sinn watches.

    Do not attempt to adjust the day or date between 9 PM and 3 AM.
    Wear and enjoy your Sinn watch every day.


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    Re: A New Curious Sinn(er)

    Quote Originally Posted by pressed4time View Post
    Finally, any warnings or suggestions for a newbie would be appreciated!!
    The "Sinn" puns/jokes get old fast. Don't over do it.

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