Just received my new U1 from watchbuys yesterday! I was worried about the size of the watch but after communicating with a few of year i figured it wasnt too big for my wrist, and i was right at almost 7" it fits great.

I've gotta say this watch is just so comfortable to wear, and can understand while many of you own one and a few of you own more than one! This is my first "real" watch and i have to say i couldnt have picked a better one.

Call me basic but if there was one thing i'd like for Sinn to offer is a rubber band with pin and buckle(are those the correct terms?). Like the breitling and omega rubber because you dont have to cut and size those, but after learning how to size it (and of course taking my time b/c unfortunately the cut rubber pieces and not magically pop back into place).

I dont have any pics yet but hopefully i'll get around to a few.