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    Old Sinn New Sinn

    Aw the troubles of buying things used!!

    I got a Sinn U1 from a fellow WUS member and am not so happy with the watch condition. There are a few very faint marks on the anti reflective coating most people would not notice. Also some scratches to the case although minor bother me. And the bracelet has some marks as well. Nothing major but the ar coating really get me.

    I need to conntact the Sinn factory to see how much it would cost to repair. I have not yet been sent the paperwork that goes with the watch so I have no e-mail, address or phone # for Sinn. I was wondering if anyone on this forum can help give me this info. I read in another thread that a gentleman had a bike accident-I feel your pain!- and got his U1 crystal replaced with a domed U2 crystal. I would like to do that if I have to send the watch back. Can that person reply here or PM on the cost?

    Does anyone know how much Sinn will charge to service the watch, change the gaskets, replace the crystal and refurbish the case? If this is reasonable I may have it all done. At the very least I would like the ar coating re-applied and the case refurbished.

    Thanks for any experience with Sinn repairs and contact info!!!

    Damasko DA38, Marathon Gsar (medium)

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    Re: Old Sinn New Sinn

    Try [email protected] for their service department.

    Sorry, no idea about repair pricing.

    Martin ("Crusader")

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