Problem with AR coating

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    Problem with AR coating

    Good morning to all.
    I've got an U1, and in these months I've made anythingh with this watch.
    It has been everywere, from salt water of my sea, to the hard-chlorine water of the swimming pools.
    The problem is the various spots on the cristal surface and their halos.
    The halos appears only in backlighting, they are much light but annoying and they are difficult to remove.
    I've tried of all, degreasers, detergents, anti-limestone, but the halos remains.
    They seem nearly salt residual of the water.
    Someone may help me with some tricks?
    Excuse me for my baaaad english, cheers

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    Re: Problem with AR coating

    Hi there,

    Do a search in the Sinn forum for "cleaning the U1". I posted the question a while back and got some responses.

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