Re. the ETA 2893-2 as used in the '856'

Thread: Re. the ETA 2893-2 as used in the '856'

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    Re. the ETA 2893-2 as used in the '856'

    Hi to All

    Can someone please explain why (?!)
    that this same movement, which is used in both the
    Ocean7 GMT and Debaufre GMT and also the Sinn 856,
    yet, the Sinn which I adore - my perfect watch, if! -
    can not operate its UTC hand as a fully independent GMT hand
    BUT, the other two brands offer this fully independent GMT hand
    function as per the Rolex GMT system.

    I find this "lack"ing function/shortcoming in the 856
    most disappointing and the reason why my otherwise "perfect" watch
    can't be my perfect watch!

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    Re: Re. the ETA 2893-2 as used in the '856'

    After unscrewing the crown, pull one click, turn the crown one direction and the date changes, turn it the other way and the yellow GMT hand changes.

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    Re: Re. the ETA 2893-2 as used in the '856'

    Those ETA 2893-2 watches all operate the same way, so you are mistaken. The Rolex is completely different. I do like the Rolex system better, but the ETA 2893-2 system is pretty user friendly once you get use to it. You won't find a GMT set-up like on the Rolex, except on Omega and other more expensive brands. Alternatively, Seiko has some quartz GMT watches with the same Rolex operation set-up. I love the 856 by the way. If you travel alot, what most people do is leave the 12 hour hands to their home time, and adjust the 24 hour to the local time. With the Rolex you can do the opposite.

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