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    Relumed Sinn

    Has anyone ever had a Sinn relumed with whatever Seiko uses to have brighter lume? Not sure if this is something any watchmaker can do or not

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    Re: Relumed Sinn

    I would not recommend this.

    I needed to have tritium on some vintage watches removed and replaced with Super Luminova as the tritium had started decaying and crumbling.
    I sent the watch to a shop that specializes in this kind of work and - while better than the crumbling tritium - it was not on the same level as current factory-new Sinn watches where hands and dials are lumed with industrial precision.

    As this was a specialist and not a mere watchmaker, the results when performed by a watchmaker who rarely does this kind of work are most likely worse.

    You may get a brighter dial and brighter hands, but the work will have small imperfections that are obvious to the trained eye.

    If you must have it done; at least send it to a shop that routinely does this kind of work.


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    Re: Relumed Sinn

    So is the lime that bad? May I ask what model do you have?
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    Re: Relumed Sinn

    Don't relume, you will kill the value of the watch for one, for two, as mentioned, it will look shoddy at best. If the watch is old, simply send it in to Sinn and request a new dial. They are not too expensive (prob cheaper than a relume) depending on model. And Sinn's cust service is excellent.
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