Scratches on Tegemented PVD

Thread: Scratches on Tegemented PVD

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    Scratches on Tegemented PVD

    Hi, what is the experience of tegemented black PVD coating being worn down to metal on Sinn watches? My U1 has significant wearing of the coating on the clasp, just from rubbing on my desk.
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    Re: Scratches on Tegemented PVD

    I only have one watch that has PVD coating on it. I am pretty rough with it & I dont have any wear like that. That seems extreme.

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    Re: Scratches on Tegemented PVD

    By gum, that’s a bit extreme. I don’t own a black Sinn but I thought they were supposed to be like the SAS of the black watch world.

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    Re: Scratches on Tegemented PVD

    PVD will wear off, even if its just daily wear against the desktop in desk diving situation. This is just unavoidable for any coating. Fortunately, underneath the PVD, it is Tegimented, which is a metal treatment that is more than skin deep, that will resist wear incredibly well.
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    Re: Scratches on Tegemented PVD

    That’s a major bummer. Laminated desktop are like a 1000 grit knife stone. Do you wear your watch above or below the wrist bone? Snug or loose? I would send Sinn an email to see if they can re PVD it or exchange for a new one.

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