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    Sellita SW500 performance

    Iíve had my Sinn 356 for about three months now. The watch ran at about +10-15 sec/day out of the box but the performance has improved dramatically in the last three weeks. It is now running at +1.7 sec/day (average over 14 days since last setting the time).

    Now, Iíve also been working much less on my laptop in the last three weeks. I wonder if the improvement in performance could be attributed to potential magnetism from my laptop?

    Also, I noticed that the watch was gaining 3 sec/day until a few days ago before starting to lose a few seconds. In other words, it had gained about 30 seconds over 10 days. Today, it has gained a net 24 seconds since last setting the time on 11/19.

    Am I going crazy? Is this normal? I was always under the impression that a steady gain was the sign of a healthy movement but the loss over the last few days has baffled me.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Sellita SW500 performance

    It's just settling in, with magnetism of any sort enough to affect the hair spring would cause minutes or hours a day gain.

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