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    Re: Sinn 103 A SA B LE

    I have 6.5 inch wrist and have an 103 acrylic which I find to be quite comfortable. I made the mistake of getting the blue above and found it too big and top heavy so I had to sell it off quickly.

    Different people have different reactions to a tall watch. YMMV.
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    Re: Sinn 103 A SA B LE

    Yeah so the 103 limited models are particularly thick because of the domed sapphire on BOTH sides. I don't own the blue but I have the Klassik and it's the exact same watch except for the color... it's definitely thick. There's no getting around that. But I will tell you that I've gotten used to it and now that I know what to expect and have gotten accustomed to how it feels when I wear it, I really love it and enjoy wearing it very, very much. No... it won't fit nicely under a dress cuff and it won't work with a tight sweater. But otherwise it's just such a lovely piece... I wouldn't let the thickness scare you off if you are otherwise really into the design. Now.... would I prefer it thinner? YES. 10000%. But sadly it's just not thinner...

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    Re: Sinn 103 A SA B LE

    As a 103 owner I can say its high but its no bigger than any other 7750 powered watch. I find the sin to actually fit quite comfortably and have never felt that it sits ridiculously.

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    Sinn 103 A SA B LE

    Love my 103 St Sa Ar, thick but not too. Actually very comfortable to wear IMO. And just get custom made shirts, then you can have your left cuff made a bit wider to fit better with a watch.

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