Sinn 104 bracelet- anyone wearing one?

Thread: Sinn 104 bracelet- anyone wearing one?

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    Sinn 104 bracelet- anyone wearing one?

    I'm back and forth about the blingy-ness of the bracelet but have not see one in person. Knowing what opinions are, and that everyone has one, does anyone who wears the 104, have it on the stock bracelet?

    So far the 104 has been one of my favorites and have worn it a variety of different ways and each works...but I'm a bracelet guy.

    On sinn rubber:

    On Nato:
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    Re: Sinn 104 bracelet- anyone wearing one?

    My 104 StSa was a wedding gift last year. I absolutely LOVE it. I really like the look of the bracelet, however, I do not like the double push button clasp. I wear my watches about 1/4" bigger than my wrist and it has a tendency to slide down far enough that if I bend my wrist down I can open the clasp without pushing the buttons. There was another thread where someone fitted an older Rolex bracelet here:

    I recently bought a Rolex style bracelet from eBay but it didn't work at all. The end links were completely different and didn't even come close to fitting. My Omega bracelet fits but the end links are the wrong angle. I also contacted Sinn directly to see if the 104 bracelet would fit on the 103 but they said they're not a direct fit. I may end up buying a nice leather strap instead. I've also got a Bond Nato coming that I may wear it on for a bit.

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