Sinn 104 St Sa - Bracelet options?

Thread: Sinn 104 St Sa - Bracelet options?

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    Sinn 104 St Sa - Bracelet options?

    Hello friends and WIS'ers....I recently got married and my wedding gift was a Sinn 104 St Sa. Lucky me, right?

    Anyway, I love the polished bracelet that came with the watch however the butterfly clasp with the double release buttons doesn't work so well for me. If I bend my wrist down I am able to unlock the bracelet and I'm afraid I might end up losing it. I really like the one that comes with the 104 St Sa but I've been informed by the wonderful people at Watchbuys that it will not fit the 103 case. So my question is...has anyone tried a different bracelet? Any pics? I've done some searching but haven't come up with much.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: Sinn 104 St Sa - Bracelet options?

    I've got a Staib mesh bracelet on my 104 that looks quite good. It has the butterfly clasp but there are versions of it with a deployment clasp as well as other manufacturers such as Vollmer and Strap Code which offer mesh bracelets with normal deployment clasps.

    I'm not a fan of butterfly clasps for the same reason as you and it's not just the 104 bracelet, every butterfly clasp bracelet I've used has the same issues. If you look around some of the watch band/bracelet manufacturers you can find a variety of styles including different varieties of solid links. The biggest issue you'll find is that you won't find one with a fitted end link, they will be open.

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    Re: Sinn 104 St Sa - Bracelet options?

    I've used a bunch of different NATOS and they seem to work out ok but I have used the Sinn rubber strap and like the way it dresses things down.

    The mesh is not my photo/borrowed....the rubber strap is mine.

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