Sinn 144 (not GMT) - Is titanium worth it

Thread: Sinn 144 (not GMT) - Is titanium worth it

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    Sinn 144 (not GMT) - Is titanium worth it


    I'm seriously looking at the Sinn 144 - not GMT version - as i love the retro style. I'll probably go for it on a leather strap (maybe switch to a Di Modell Rallye). I'm not a fan of bracelets.

    Anyway, i was wondering, is the extra £150 or so for the titanium version (rather than steel) worth it? I was thinking that the steel would suit the retro styling - So is it worth the upgrade?

    Also, does anyone recommend the solid or the sapphire case back? Is the movement that attractive to see?

    I've got to be honest, im tempted to go for the sapphire back but steel casing - but i can be persuaded.

    Your thoughts much appreciated... thanks


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    Re: Sinn 144 (not GMT) - Is titanium worth it

    Hi Meles,

    I used to have the Special KATAN 144 GMT Ti with display back. It was my first SINN but I have subsequently sold it to fund other purchase.

    I only have it with the titanium bracelet and I would not say it is the most "comfortable" watch to wear since it is a pretty "thick" watch. It was my first mechanical watch and I work in an office environment. The watch had a couple of hard hit on the cubicle walls. But the titanium makes this watch a little bit lighter, but it is still kind of heavy. Depends on what kind of watches you are used to, the stainless steel version I am sure it will be much more heavier then the titanium version when it is on the wrist. I would recommend you try them out if possible before you buy it. The titanium does have a different tone in terms of color compare to the stainless steel version.

    The Valjuox 7750 is not the most pretty movement, but since it was my first mechanical watch, I like to sometime flip it upside down to look at the movement when my mind wondered off work. I would rather look at my GO or the NOMOS movement rather then the 7750. But it is a personal preferences. I try to get the display back when it is possible. I like to look at how the movement works myself.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Sinn 144 (not GMT) - Is titanium worth it

    Is titanium worth it?

    I believe so.

    Titanium is light, durable and hypoallergenic.
    Because of its temperature coefficient, titanium adopts better to changing temperatures than steel, which makes titanium noticeably more comfortable to put on your wrist, and wear.

    It is also considerably more difficult to produce and work on than steel, which is the main reason that it wasn't widely used in watch makeing tilll about 20 years ago. Even if its popularity has decreased somewhat since then, many still consider titanium the ideal material for watch cases and bracelets.

    While it is softer than steel, the matte surface hides minor scratches well and I prefer the matte surface to polished stainless steel anyway.

    When compared to a stainless steel watch, you will immediately note the added comfort and you would note the difference each time when fitness walking, or jogging.

    The Valjoux 7750 movement used in the 144 may not be quite as attractive to look at as a hand-wound Lemania 1873. Still; if it is your first mechanical watch it may be worth the extra cost. Watch enthusiasts generally prefer mechanical watches over quartz watches because of the intricate delicacy of the movements and you might as well be able to look at it.

    A metal back of the watch case usually suffers some scuff marks from the bracelet, but a crystal on a case back suffers considerably less than the crystal on the front. As you plan on buying a watch on a strap anyway, I do not believe the extra expense (and probably wait) is worth it.

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