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    Question Sinn 244 Ti

    I recently became aware of the brand and after gathering information on the various models have decided that the 244 Ti with cross hair dial is the one I like the most. Unfortunately it appears to have been discontinued. If that is the case was there a problem with it? Would like to know because I may have to search for an available pre-owned.

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    Re: Sinn 244 Ti

    I've never heard of anyone reporting any problems with it. It was not made in great numbers and perhaps the sales were not that great for it either. I am guessing that's why it was discontinued.
    I think it's a great looking watch, especially the cross-hair dial model.
    The size is a little small for today's fashion's. Witness the popularity of Sinn's 44mm U-series. 244 is only 36mm if I am not mistaken. Maybe Sinn will re-release it in a few years in a larger case.
    if you want to find one, you should try contacting some ADs(authorized dealers), in other countries as well, and post WTB(want to buy) posts on various sales forums. german ebay , , is a great place to find Sinns. you may need someone to help in Europe though. many sellers will not ship overseas there.
    good luck

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