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    Sinn 358 Diapal

    The Sinn 358 Diapal was my first big watch purchase back in 2013. Lately, I have been thinking of selling this watch to fund my next big purchase. Is this something I am going to regret or should I keep trading up to get that next watch? On my list is the IWC 3717 or 3777.

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    Re: Sinn 358 Diapal

    I'd always rather have a Sinn than an IWC, but that's just me.

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    Re: Sinn 358 Diapal

    I owned the 3717 in the past and while it looked good the lugs were too long and it seemed I always had a noticeable and unsightly gap between the case the strap. also the lume was disappointing to me.

    The 358 wore much more comfortably, had proper lugs and better lume.

    I’m not saying dedinetly keep your 358 if the time has come for something different - maybe look at other options out there. If you like the IWC atheistic, how about a 3706 - it’s a little smaller case but has better proportions, imo.

    good luck with your search!

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