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    Sinn 6000

    Hi All,
    My first post here on WUS, so bear with me. I am looking for info (and of course input from actual owners) on the Sinn 6000. I think it is a beautiful watch and am finding very little information about the watch on the WWW.

    Anyone have info on the reliability (or problems) etc. with this watch?
    I am pretty sure it has been discontinued but see them used from time to time.

    It is in a price-point that puts it on par with a lot of other very nice watches (both used and new) so I am wondering what your thoughts are on this as well. I love the Ulysee Nardin 1846 Marine Chrono and IWC Fliegerchrono in this same price range used...

    Thank you in advance,

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    Re: Sinn 6000

    Hi Matt, Welcome to the forum!

    I don't have one but I know that a couple of guys have one. Hopefully they can drop by and can give you the info you need. I do like the 6000 series watches and have contemplated taking that road. Well, somewhere down the road, I hope to have one.

    Thanks for dropping by Matt and stay awile. Lots of great guys here and some great Sinn talk.

    take care,

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    Re: Sinn 6000

    I always liked it but somehow never got round to buying it because of other distractions.

    This is an impressive watch - special wooden presentation case, spare strap, changing tool, loupe and a cleaning cloth! We get none of these!

    It looks dressy and not the usual tool watch from Sinn !
    It really looks more than it costs.. my friend who bought it loves it but had only one complaint - he didn't like the bracelet...
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