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    Sinn 6015 crystal replacement

    Hi everyone. I recently purchased a pristine example of the Sinn 6015 moonphase chronograph. Unfortunately, the day after it arrived in the mail, The end of the strap slipped off the spring bars and the watch fell onto the hardwood floor. Thank goodness the watch is still functioning well, but the Crystal was cracked. I contacted WatchBuys to source a new crystal, possibly a sapphire crystal. They recommended shipping the watch to RGM, who is their official repair facility in the United States. I’m reluctant to ship the watch, because I’ve had bad experiences with shipping in the past. Also, I have no idea of the cost except that their website indicates a minimum labor charges of $75.

    Would anyone here vouch for RGM? My feeling is is that I may send it to a watch repair facility that I have used in Houston and let them take care of it. Ideally, I would have been able to buy the crystal that I want and send it to the repair facility along with the watch.

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    Re: Sinn 6015 crystal replacement

    RGM is the only place in the US where you can have a Sinn serviced by a watchmaker that is approved by Sinn. Most people think very highly of RGM. However you will see online that some of their reviews are mixed. Most of the time they are fine... sometimes they are very slow and people get frustrated with them over that. I personally had an experience with them somewhat recently where they weren't able to repair the watch successfully... so that was pretty frustrating to me. But generally speaking they are pretty well regarded, I'd say. Based on my personal experience I'd probably prefer sending to Sinn for more complicated work but for something like a crystal I'd imagine RGM would be totally fine.

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    Re: Sinn 6015 crystal replacement

    OH, and beautiful watch btw.

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