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    Sinn 657 Bezel

    Hi all. I just acquired a circa 2009 657. I love it and it's in great shape, but the bezel is quite stuff and very difficult to turn. I once had an 857 (with essentially the same sort of bezel) and it was much easier to turn. Perhaps there is gunk under the bezel or something, but I don't feel comfortable removing it myself.

    Is this something a competent local watchmaker can handle or should I send to RGM? The watch keeps decent time and I otherwise probably wouldn't send it for service yet, though the watch is 5+ years old. Thanks for your thoughts!

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    Did you get your problem resolved? I'm still on the hunt for my 657.

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    Re: Sinn 657 Bezel

    If you look around the edge of the bezel I think you will find 4 small slotted screws. Sinn watches often come with a tool with a tiny screw driver to fit these. You can also get one at a hobby shop. You might just back them out a little as they will bind if too tight. Otherwise loosen them a bit more (without removing them) to take the bezel off to clean beneath it. I'm just not sure if you should use any lube on Sinn bezels or not. Maybe I'll do a separate post about that.

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