Sinn 856B magnetism has me stumped

Thread: Sinn 856B magnetism has me stumped

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    Sinn 856B magnetism has me stumped

    Hello guys! I recently bought a Sinn 856B while on a trip to Frankfurt and need some help / suggestions....last weekend I tried to demagnetize a few watches in my collection and everything went smooth until I got to my 856B. When I ran my trusty old compass across the caseback it almost went into convulsions, so I went through the demag routine three times with it but had no success whatsoever. The only thing that changes (as far as I can tell) is the main point of magnetism on the back of the watch, but the compass needle is still spinning and I'm stumped.
    Has anybody had that happen with their 856 or other tegimented watch? Any suggsstions on how to proceed?

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    Re: Sinn 856B magnetism has me stumped

    Obvious as it sounds, quit messing around with the watch and bring it in to a qualified watchmaker asap.

    At this point it seems there is nothing else you can do on your own to remedy it as you've tried 3 times.
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    Re: Sinn 856B magnetism has me stumped

    I agree with the above poster. Bring it to a watchmaker to sort it out.
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    Re: Sinn 856B magnetism has me stumped

    The magnetic shielding of the watch creates a magnetic field deviation. If the watch is running normal, no probs. Has been discussed earlier on this forum, try the search function. My 756 displays the same behaviour.
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