Sinn 903 vs Breitling Navitimer

Thread: Sinn 903 vs Breitling Navitimer

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    Sinn 903 vs Breitling Navitimer

    Hi guys - I am currently in the market for either the Sinn 903 ST BE or a similar Breitling Navitimer. Does anyone here have both and can give a direct comparison? I'm leaning towards the Sinn as I doubt I'd ever come across one in the wild and I like that aspect of the Sinn. I also really like the 41mm size and that it sounds to be as good as, if not better, quality than the Breitling. Any pros and cons from each would be helpful.

    Also - am thinking about buying a 104 white dial, just because, ha.

    Any thoughts on this subject in general would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Sinn 903 vs Breitling Navitimer

    The 903 does absolutely everything that that the Navi does but you don’t have to sell a kidney to buy a Sinn. Then only downside of the 903 is that you won’t have to keep it well away from water in case there a bit of damp in the air. You may be able to tell that I think the 903 to be a far superior watch to the Navi.

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    Re: Sinn 903 vs Breitling Navitimer

    I used to own a 2019 903 st be, and have only played with a navitimer in store.

    When comparing the same ETA-based navitimer, the navitimer "feels" to be the slightly better watch. But, the 903 does have the sapphire crystal on the caseback (which I personally think is a plus). For the price, where the navitimer (new) is about 1.5-2x the price of the 903, the 903 is the better watch for the money.

    When comparing to the B01 navitimer, the B01 is the better watch. But you pay for it @ the 8k+ msrp.

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    Re: Sinn 903 vs Breitling Navitimer

    happy to see there other people considering btw 903 vs navitimer.
    Thank you for sharing your opinions

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