Sinn AD in Germany, Legit?

Thread: Sinn AD in Germany, Legit?

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    Sinn AD in Germany, Legit?

    Hi All!

    This summer, I am going to dive!! and want a dive watch to equip!

    Shopping for a dive watch, I looked here and there, and found Sinn! being the only distributors in north america, and want to get a better deal for a watch, I found AD in Germany from Chrono24.

    Has anybody dealt with this guys?

    Classic Watches GbR

    they do look legit, and they are AD from Sinn website, but I just want to make sure since purchasing over internet is my first time..
    the watch I am looking for can be found in following link,

    Sinn Taucherchronograph EZM 13 Ref. 613.010 mit B+P ungetrag for $2,486 for sale from a Trusted Seller on Chrono24

    Post your experiences with them! Many thanks in advance!!
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    Re: Sinn AD in Germany, Legit?

    They are an Authorized Dealer (AD), maintain a Sinn recognized workshop that can even service watches with dehumidifying technology, and are quite active on the Chrono24 website.

    Keep in mind that Sinn Authorized Dealers are not supposed to sell Sinn watches into a region that is covered by another AD (like watchbuys in the US).

    Have you contacted the dealer in this respect, as he would be in breach of his agreement with Sinn, or do you plan on picking up the watch Germany?

    If you pick up the watch in Germany you may be eligible for VAT (Tax) refund on export.


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    Re: Sinn AD in Germany, Legit?

    Thanks for the confirmation. ;)

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