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    SINN Bracelet U1/U2/UX

    I received the bracelet for the U1. At first after feeling the heft of it I said, "no way" thats toooo much. Thought I'd give it a shot though and I have to admit its a great bracelet on an even greater watch.
    I was able to put the bracelet on without any trouble and I am not one thats typically capable of bracelet installation without screwing them up usually. It was easy and the bracelet well worth the pesos.
    the Allen wrenches provided were perfect. I'd advise everyone to put them in a secure place afterword.

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    Re: SINN Bracelet U1/U2/UX

    Hi Brett, Welcome to the forum. I agree with your assessment. The first time I picked up my ss bracelet, I was struck by the weight but after easily sizing it with the wrenches provided and trying it on, I found it to be perfect.

    Yup, good advice with the wrenches. I have a drawer where I keep all my watch stuff. Keep checking the screws to make sure they are tight and if not, a little loctite should do the trick.


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