Sinn Chrono Service Intervals
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Thread: Sinn Chrono Service Intervals

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    Sinn Chrono Service Intervals

    Hey all, I just bought a used 144 Chronograph that was sold originally in 2012. It’s in perfect condition, running right now at 3-4 seconds slow after wearing it for 4 days.

    I don’t have the history on this watch, and I know the recommendation for this Valjoux is a service every 5-7 years. I’m approaching the 7 year mark. The service at my local watchmaker’s shop is about $600.

    In your experience, is it critical to service these movement within the recommended timeframe? Or can I wait a year or so since I’m still “recovering” from the purchase price? I mean, I can service it now it it were needed, but to add $600 on top of the purchase only a week or two after buying would be a stretch for me. Thanks!
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    Re: Sinn Chrono Service Intervals

    As long as it's running consistently, you should be fine to let the service go for a while. The 7750 is a robust workhorse movement.

    Congrats on your new [to you] chrono. Sinn chronos are the biz!
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    Re: Sinn Chrono Service Intervals

    agree with above, if it's running well, you can go without a service for a while.

    i have one too, bought in 2012 as my first expensive watch. it's what i wear to work 5 days a week most of time. had it serviced late last year after 5 year mark, as it started running slow. after service it's super accurate on the wrist, and slightly fast when off.

    wear it in good health!

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    Re: Sinn Chrono Service Intervals

    You should be fine... keep an eye on the accuracy and if you notice any major drops/gains in timekeeping then you may want to reconsider but the 7750 should be good for a while! There are two camps of people.... those who service at regular intervals and those who service when problems happen or when it's been a particularly long time. I go back and forth on this myself as there are major pros and cons both ways... it comes down to personal preference and what you are comfortable with.

    But in your case specifically, if it were me, I wouldn't send it in right now.
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    Re: Sinn Chrono Service Intervals

    I'd hold off a little while longer unless you saw some symptom indicating it needed it.

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    Re: Sinn Chrono Service Intervals

    You can likely get some more time out of it. You should get a quote from the Sinn service centre as well, if its close to your local watchmaker's price it may be worth it to pay a little extra and get it serviced there.

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