Sinn-Last Of The Real Tool Watches?
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Thread: Sinn-Last Of The Real Tool Watches?

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    Sinn-Last Of The Real Tool Watches?

    In my observation, I’m coming to the conclusion that Sinn may offer the last of the true, quality mechanical tool watches on the market. I see an high emphasis on tech and design, decent workhorse movements, quality, value, a respectful and dedicated focus of models for professionals, good customer support and a honest earned heritage.
    While other brands wallow in their direction, Sinn appears to stay true to its core concepts.

    Do you agree or disagree and why?
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    Sinn-Last Of The Real Tool Watches?


    I’ve been a fan since ever since I discovered the brand back in 07. Fast forward ten years and I finally went to a Watchbuys Roadshow in November of 17....The rest is history.

    Awesome things about Sinn’s:

    Design, Legibility, Tegimented Steels, Top Grade movements, Transferable Warranty & Customer Service!

    Random thoughts in no particular order

    Except for my 836, all of my Sinn’s were bought used but under warranty. It’s awesome that the warranty gets transferred to the new owner. I don’t think any other manufacturer does that?
    Sinn’s (Christa and Volker) & Watchbuys (Rob, Tim and Matt) customer service has been excellent as well.

    The double (top & bottom) AR coated sapphire just disappears.

    Tegimented steels are amazingly tough. All of my Sinn’s still look brand new

    Accurate movements! All of mine are within COSC!

    I love the the push to turn bezel, think IWC Aquatimer, on the T series. My U1 Pro has excellent action as well. I’m loving 60 click bezels.

    Perfectly fitted silicone straps with the big ass clasp....freaking love it!

    I’ll add more as it comes to me

    Looking forward to a 857S in the future

    Sinner for life


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    Re: Sinn-Last Of The Real Tool Watches?

    Agree. For my first ever “nice” watch I got the 103 Ti for exactly the reasons both of you mentioned. Only proper tool watch brand with a huge amount of useful features.

    I do like Christopher Ward as well. They do transfer a 5 year warranty from one owner to the next. That said I would not consider them pure tool watches.

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    Big Sinn fan, although I DO think some models are priced high in the market. I’d also mention Marathon as a devoted tool watch brand with a quality product in their niche. I love the SAR 36mm. It’s my go-to GADA watch.

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    Re: Sinn-Last Of The Real Tool Watches?

    Like their designs but disagree they're the last. Damasko immediately comes to mind.

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    Re: Sinn-Last Of The Real Tool Watches?

    Quote Originally Posted by platinumEX View Post
    Like their designs but disagree they're the last. Damasko immediately comes to mind.
    Also thought of Damasko. Both brands make great watches. Have and love both!

    OP - Damasko definitely worth a look.
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    Re: Sinn-Last Of The Real Tool Watches?

    Agreed with the Damasko sentiment and I've owned both. Their most basic version offers more than Sinn's for a similar price. It really comes down to asthetics and if you want to pay essentially the same price for the look you want but with less "tool" tech.

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    I purchased my first Sinn last July. Definitely a well thought out & built piece. Unfortunately it rarely see’s my wrist & torn on selling it.

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    Sinn-Last Of The Real Tool Watches?

    I would agree, models aimed at pilots, divers, doctors, firefighters, police and military units....very definitely a range aimed at working professionals.

    With a healthy dose of Bauhaus design influence (form follows function) a very definite R & D ethic oriented to developing technologies and features that enhance the performance of these pieces and their respective purposes.

    Viva la Sinn!

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    Re: Sinn-Last Of The Real Tool Watches?

    100% agreed.
    After 7 years on WUS..........and trying out many many tool watches, my conclusion is that Sinn-U series are THE BEST tool watches..........other brands-example: Damasko- may offer hardened cases/submarine steel etc but they don't offer gas-filled capsules for humidity control OR EDR seals (which prevents molecular level ingress of gases into the case).
    Over-engineered to the hilt.


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