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    Sinn Regulateur

    I just saw this on another watch forum. This is the first shot I have seen of the front and the back of the new Sinn Regulateur. The picture is courtesy of Watchbuys which is the Sinn USA dealer. Seems like a very attractive dial. Stephen

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    Re: Sinn Regulateur

    Looks great in person.
    The Glycdur <sp?> balance is really special.
    As of last month, they told me that they were still filling orders for their distributors and didn't have stock yet.

    @ 44mm a bit big for my taste, but I understand big watches are popular these days

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    Re: Sinn Regulateur

    Held it in my hands today and had a good look at it. Truly gorgeous and a fine piece of "art".

    If I do not already own a Chronoswiss Regulatuer, I would certainly jumped at this. Still, my heart is beating for the Sinn, as it is a mechanical hand-wound but no enough :-D :-D

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