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    Sinn separation anxiety

    Thinking of purchasing a used Rolex 216570 Explorer I Mk2 and as part of that will have to part with one of my beloved Sinns. My first is a Sinn 103 Panda, which was a LE and I consider untouchable (I just love the thing). So it comes down to my 556i and Frankfurt 6060. The latter was my go-to watch for a long time, fantastic looks plus a tool watch ethos while having 3 time zones and pairs great in a suit. Also incredibly tough to find so worried about letting it slip away. The 556i is fairly common, but feel like the Explorer would largely fill the “dress watch” function of the 6060 and the 556i could be a very classy and versatile “high end beater”. My only current non-Sinns are a SMP (a forever watch), and an SKX007 I enjoy in the summer and which wouldn’t generate enough to jettison.

    Looking to the wisdom of the forum for advice on which Sinn to jettison, any help/advice would be appreciated!

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    Re: Sinn separation anxiety

    Hard choice because I love my Sinn. I would get rid of the 556i. Like you said they are common and easily replaced. I would keep the 6060, because I’m a GMT guy.

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    Re: Sinn separation anxiety

    If one’s got to go then I’d push the 6060 overboard as it was your everyday watch and the Rolex will doubtless take its place.

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