Sinn SZ02 grade
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Thread: Sinn SZ02 grade

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    Sinn SZ02 grade

    Ayone got real information if the SZ02 is based on 7750 top grade? Anyone have picture from the SZ02, curious about the finish of the movement.

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    Re: Sinn SZ02 grade

    Finding pics will be tough as SZ-02 movements are in Sinn watches with solid casebacks that are argon filled. As far as I know only the U1000 and EZM13 use that movement.

    My U1000 has been an accurate workhorse for eight years. At some point I should probably send it in for service.
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    Re: Sinn SZ02 grade

    I kinda assumed Sinn was using a top grade movement in the EZM13 (isn’t the U1000 discontinued now?) because I know they use them in their entry level watches like the 556.

    I agree with the poster above me that you’re unlikely to find pictures and in my opinion the finishing doesn’t matter in this kind of watch.

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    Re: Sinn SZ02 grade

    The Sinn Calibre SZ-02 starts out with the Top Grade Valjoux 7750.
    It was developed in conjunction with Sinn’s Calibre SZ-01 and contains many parts from this calibre.

    It was originally released in 2006 when the World Cup was hosted by Germany, and first used in the Sinn 303 Football Chronograph.
    More recently this calibre has been used in the U1000 and the current EZM 13.
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