Sinn T1 EZM14 questions
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Thread: Sinn T1 EZM14 questions

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    Sinn T1 EZM14 questions

    Been lurking awhile and need more information.

    Looking at the Sinn T1 EZM14. I like its looks and size. Drawn to the thinner (for Sinn) design. Used to own a U1 and found it tall and heavy.
    My concern is the ruggedness of this watch. Do those of you who own this model and those of you who may have handled this model
    have any thoughts about this watch for use as an everyday wear time piece?

    My activities range from computer work to stacking fire wood. It won't be worn for ditch digging or vehicle repair but it will be
    worn daily and I do not want a watch that needs tender care.

    I am blessed that at this time in life the cost of the watch is not the main concern, but still do not want to make a bad purchase it this is not a tuff enough watch.

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    Re: Sinn T1 EZM14 questions

    I have a T2 and wear it daily on bracelet. Super light. I must say that I do tend to baby it a bit, knowing that it is Ti.
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    Re: Sinn T1 EZM14 questions

    Also have a T2B and I wear it for everything. I'm quite active outdoors and have zero concerns about durability. The tegimented bezel definitely helps. I've worn it daily for the last year and aside from some typical marks on the bracelet and underside of the lugs it looks pristine. The ti is light so it may seem fragile or less tough initially but you'll soon get over it. Go for it!
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    Re: Sinn T1 EZM14 questions

    Thank you both for the input.
    I have been thinking about the "ruggedness" of watches and it dawned on me that the largest feature of most every watch is a big piece of glass.!!
    So, it borders on being silly to worry about the metal watch case, I suppose. The Ti was part of my concern, so thanks Fire Lantern for addressing this.

    I appreciate your comments and pictures.

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